West African Writers showcase the best in contemporary literature

Thank you to everyone who came out for our “Readings by West African Writers” event last Saturday. It was a special night of listening, discussion, and learning and it was a testament to the power and diversity of contemporary West African literature.

Huge thanks to our readers, our wonderful #WAWResidents:

💐 Barth Akpah 🇱🇷🇳🇬
💐 Molara Wood (@molara_wood) 🇳🇬
💐 Adam Nyang (@adam_chumbay) 🇬🇲
💐 Nzinga Bandida (@nzinga_bandida) 🇨🇮

🗣 Buy their brilliant books, see their inspiring films, follow them on social media and support their work!

💐 As always, big thanks to our moderator, Elizabeth Johnson (@el.tayo_ofosuah).

💐 And great job @barrist with putting the event together!

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