Our residency programmes are a crucible of ideas, debate, and literary production. They bring together writers from across Africa and the Diaspora, at all stages of their writing careers and across genres, in community to bring out the best in their thinking and their writing.

To read about the experience of being in residence at LOATAD, click here and here. To read testimonials from former residents, click here. Find out more about our various programmes below:

Funded Residencies

These funded physical residencies include accommodation, meals, and intensive study/workshop sessions. Some programmes also provide subsidies for travel.

There are no funded residencies at present.

Digital Residencies

LOATAD’s well-regarded digital residency combines self-study, group critique, and professional mentorship online followed by a physical element in residence at LOATAD.

Self-Funded Residencies

If you’re in search of uninterrupted time and space in an African-centred environment in a historically-significant, culturally-rich place, then consider a self-funded, self-directed residency.


Our dynamic group of former residents from across Africa and the Diaspora are making waves in the world of literature on the continent and beyond. Find out more about them here.

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