redefining the literary canon

A knowledge-producing institution for the study, preservation, and dissemination of African and Diaspora literature

“…The question of access to literature and, through literature, currents of dissent, is an important one in resistance to colonialism and to postcolonial repression.”


Our mission is to celebrate and champion Africa’s rarely acknowledged contribution to the global literary canon. 

→ Knowledge Production

Developing new kinds of knowledge using African and Diaspora literature as a stimulus for the growth of ideas. Our research-based projects add to the knowledge base of African literature.

→ Knowledge Preservation

Preserving the work and ephemera of African and Diaspora writers across generations through our physical and digital archives.

→ Knowledge Dissemination

Getting books and the knowledge they contain out to the people through our expanded library, and continuing outreach and community education.

Our institution is built on three pillars that serve as the foundation for our work, and our engagement with communities and partners.

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